Quality cleaning pads for all types of surfaces, non toxic griddle cleaning kit.
Alliance Seafood offers a comprehensive category of Seafood such as Shellfish, Ground fish, Fresh & Live and Value Added.

Anchor Packaging
Reusable, recyclable, and microwaveable upscale take-out polypropylene and recyclable PET packaging.Foodservice films, including cling, stretch, and shrink for meat, produce, cheese, and pizza.Recyclable aluminum foil cutterbox rolls, pop-up sheets, and pans
Apple Valley Foods & Harlan Bakeries
Apple Valley pies are made from scratch using the highest quality ingredients and "tried and true" proven family recipes. Our apples are hand picked from nearby orchards. Our fruit pies are made with grade "A" berries that are picked at the peak of harvest and flash frozen to maintain their flavor and color.

Our "precise manufacturing practices" allows pastry time to relax, producing a rich, tender, flakey crust.

Fruit fillings are "poured" versus "mechanically pumped" reducing fruit breakage and contributing to the superior integrity of the pie. Cream pie fillings are made from traditional cooked recipes resulting in a richer taste experience.Unbaked Pies ,Baked Pies, No Sugar Added Pies,
Thaw & Serve Pies, Seasonal Pies.

Harlan produces pie and tart shell dough products and was established in 1978. We strive to deliver maximum performance in quality, cost and service in an environment that promotes diversity and inclusion. Our state of the art plant stresses safety for our employees and food safety for our customers.
Premier worldwide manufacturer of nonwoven cleaning fabrics and finished, packaged wipes. Chicopee with more than 60 years of experience as a company, offers a wide array of wiping products to meet every consumer and professional need.
Colpac, one of the world's leading designers and manufacturers of innovative paperboard packaging.
Custom Culinary
Exceptional products to enhance any menu. Chef's Own Coatings, Flavour Glazes, Seasonings and Gravies.

Dare produces a wide variety of snack foods satisfying many different consumer needs like better-for-you, convenience and above all enjoyment - each of which contribute to making our consumers feel good. Our range of cookies, crackers, fine breads and candy is available, please review our website for more details.
David's Cookies doesn't just bake fresh, they bake better!! They use simple wholesome ingredients with no preservatives and an array of gluten-free and better-for-you options. All baked goods are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU) and their bakery is SQF-certified for quality you can rely on. The gourmet bake and serve cookie dough is offered in a variety of flavours that are simply delicious. The individually wrapped cookies and bars are gluten, nut and dairy free and are baked in an allergy-free GFCO certified facility. All of David's fresh-made treats are available from one great bakery, with the same David's quality you can trust.
Dr. Oetker
Cooking bases – Sauce mixes – frozen pizzas – dessert mixes.
nutella, the original hazelnut spread
We believe in second chances!
We have developed a daily recovery network that gives back and helps minimize Canada’s food waste. We collect unsold fruits from grocery stores and transform them into our delicious fruit infused Kombuchas. This circular economy project started in 2019 and is based out of Gatineau, QC.
General Mills
A complete line of cereals and Nature Valley bars.
Yoplait yogurts, Source, Minigo, creamey tubes. Flavors available in 2kg format for food service.

Bakery, Pastry and Restaurant Products
For over 50 years, Handgards has been the North American leader for foodservice plastic disposables. Handgards manufacturers and imports reusable gloves, re-closable bags, pan liners, aprons and bibs. They have flourished by retaining their industry leading ability to develop new and innovative products that help you save time and money.
Hormel Foods
HORMEL offers sliced pre cooked bacon, Austin Blues pork ribs, Ossobuco amongst other pork and beef products.

Proudly Canadian pure natural spring water and distilled water. Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Planet friendly, sustainable products including, bamboo cups and lids, birch cutlery, palm leaf tableware and take away, wheat straws, recycled paper napkins

Creates sustainable, eco-friendly outdoor furniture, chairs, tables and footstools
Offering a delectable selection of luxurious cheeses, olives, oils, spreads, fillo and fillo products,
Krinos is proud to offer the best variety of Greek and Mediterranean foods.
Authenticity, flavour and quality are important to us which further helps you make truly amazing meals.
Les Aliments Cardinal
Offers over 30 fresh and ready to serve salads. There are a variety of fresh fruit and vegetable salads available. Coleslaw, pasta salads and potato salads are just a few that this family run business has to offer.
MEGAMEX FOODS (Wholly Guacamole)
MEGAMEX FOODS (Wholly Guacamole) is a delicious combination of just the right amount of spices and gives you a consistent year-round fresh flavor. Our ready to serve guacamole and avocados have no preservatives and requires no preparation, unless you want to add some seasonings and make your own signature recipes. Wholly Guacamole is the perfect addition to your menu, providing you with labor savings and a lower cost per pound.
Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee
Quality coffee blends, Higgins & Burke coffee and tea products, organic teas & coffee and infusion teas, iced and hot Cappuccino, and hot chocolate.
O Sole Mio
O Sole Mio offers a complete range of gourmet fresh and frozen pastas and sauces having the freshest flavors of Italy and the Mediterranean. This delightful collection is made from the freshest ingredients and uses high quality meats and cheeses. Our products do not contain additives, preservatives or dyes.

Sumptuous sauces, epicurean treats, and an abundant collection of fresh egg pastas. We have exactly what you need to satisfy the taste buds of your customers!

Our varieties of lasagnas are quite satisfying! Our delicious frozen soups will make your job easier! Our imported products are also quite satisfying! Our full range of frozen pasta cooked and packaged in individual portions: flexibility, consistency, speed, profitability, ease and time saving!

If you have volume in specific products and are looking for standardization, then we can make your life easier by manufacturing these products for you under your brand according to your specifications. Contact TTS Marketing today for more information!
Original Cakerie
Dessert cakes, dessert bars, super sized layer cakes, round cakes As well as variety packs cakes.
Reuven International
Reuven offers quality diced chicken, raw / cooked chicken wings, boneless and skinless chicken breast, and fully cooked chicken products-cutlets and nuggets.
Innovative paper products made in Canada. Baking trays, cake boxes, java jackets, snack to go, tray to go, pack to go and much more. Perfect for all your take out needs.
A proud family-run company makes a full line of original recipe, egg free, dairy free, vegan baked goods, which are made using only the best all natural, kosher, 100% plant-based, GMO-free ingredients. We are pleased to offer both a nut free line and a gluten free line
Tyson Foodservice offers a vast lineup of quality protein products bringing superior value to consumers and customers. Products include bacon, seasoned beef sandwiches, various home style stuffed chicken,
sausage/egg/cheese on muffins, biscuits & bagels, and sausage crumble links & patties.
Ventura Canada
Has a multitude of portion sizes condiments, single serve dipping cups, table syrup, bulk condiments, Asian sauces, sugar, oriental sauces in portion sizes and bulk.
Wing's offers frozen items such as Egg Roll, Wonton and Spring Roll Wraps, Lasagna sheets and a wide variety of frozen and dry Noodles.
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